RADIUS Lab is learning to better design, test and advance business models for a new economy. Working with world-class organizations, like Ecotrust Canada, we embed graduate interns in diverse project teams and support them with training in entrepreneurial methods to advance high potential ideas. Interdisciplinary, experiential and experimental, the program has completed 10 placements on 8 projects since fall 2012. Our plan is to scale this program through new partnerships and enhanced course offerings, completing 40 internship placements over the next 3 years.

RADIUS Lab is a collaborative effort: we partner with global leaders in the field of social and ecological innovation to design, test, and advance new ideas for an economy that prioritizes people and planet. Providing graduate students with transformative internship assignments is how we deliver on the RADIUS commitment to strengthen the impact venture ecosystem by building a pipeline of emerging social economy leaders with real world experience.

RADIUS Lab is built around the following principles:

  • Developing breakthrough solutions to intractable problems
  • Bringing new components together in new relationships for disruptive change
  • Working to tip systems in the direction of greater resilience and sustainability

Our mission is to advance radical ideas at the leading edge of the new economy. We do this through human-centred design, lean approaches to model testing and development, and by prioritizing impact above all else.

As we look to scale our efforts over the coming year, we will be launching new opportunities for Radical Ventures and Radical Doers to engage with RADIUS Lab. Community partners are invited to submit ideas and graduate interns from across Canada are welcome to apply for any of the following:

  • Keystone Internships – Beedie MBA graduates embedded in project teams at Ecotrust Canada
  • Summer Lab Series – Teams of interns hosted at RADIUS with research-specific design challenge.
  • SocInn Bootcamp – Multi-day workshop for students interested in learning basics of social innovation.
  • Living Wage Internships – Impact project assignments sponsored by community partners.